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Damp, Moldy & Pest Infested Crawl Space In Your Franklin Homes?

A crawl space moisture barrier may be just what you’re looking for in Franklin, Tennessee.

Crawl space encapsulation uses a plastic barrier, which is the best crawl space solution for controlling the moisture in your crawl space. When water leaks and seeps into your home, the space becomes the perfect recipe for mold growth. Sometimes rain + leaks can cause mold growth and so can a burst pipe. If you have a flooding issue, you’re also at risk for mold growth in large quantities.

The biggest factor that puts you at risk for mold is that there is little to no ventilation in these spaces. Because of the lack of airflow and that they are not able to properly dry after flooding or leakage, it doesn’t take much and it doesn’t take long for mold to start growing.

Our plastic barrier works to turn your damp, dirty and moldy crawl spaces into clean dry spaces where moisture isn’t retained, making it impossible for mold to grow. Our team of experienced professional crawl space moisture barrier contractors have all crawl space solutions, like the crawl space moisture barrier installation and application processes, on lock and will transform your crawl space into a clean, dry foundation for your home. 

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Signs There’s Too Much Moisture in Your Franklin Home Crawl Space

Do these signs sound familiar? Give our team a call!


Sloped or
Sagging Floors

High Indoor
Humidity Levels

Mold &

Electricity Bills


Your team of local, trusted crawl space professionals in Franklin, TN are just a phone call away!

We specialize in crawl space solutions for every home. Our customer reviews are unmatched and all our clients satisfied. We leave every home we work in better than we found it and leave no trace of moisture — all basements are perfectly encapsulated. 

Our team of professional contractors specialize in everything crawl space solution, but we are well-known for our expertise in plastic barrier installation, crawl space repair, vapor barrier & moisture barrier, crawl space moisture barriers and crawl space insulation.

One of Crawl Space Encapsulation Franklin, TN highest values is service.

There’s nothing more we want than every customer to have a positive experience with our company located in Franklin, TN. We strive to treat our clients the same way we would treat our own families and that’s why we’re known to go above and beyond to make sure your standards of satisfaction are met. We offer a free crawl space solution inspection to see which of our services is best suited for your basement or crawl space.
Franklin Crawl Space Moisture Control

Your Crawl Space Service Specialists In Franklin, TN

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